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Hullachan Red Jig Shoe

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Hullachan Red JigShoe
black suede sole

Sizes: 2 - 10

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142,77 €

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Original description from Antonio Pacelli:

Available to pre-order for November delivery

Summary Of Features

  • Lightweight - Reduces fatigue
  • Clever Insoles - Protects & cushions with a dual layer insole
  • Padded ankle - Achilles & blister protection
  • Cooling vents - Keeps feet cool and fresh
  • Black suede sole - Zero breaking in time
  • Concorde Lite heels - 30% lighter
  • Smooth leather uppers - Stream lined look
  • Shorter toe length - For a neat appearance
  • Breathable red lining - Elegant and effective!
  • New Hullachan tips - Get noticed!


The latest jig shoe from Hullachan Pro is part the new Hullachan Red range, designed by Craig Coussins and Antonio Pacelli. The new range has been designed from the ground up to protect and enhance a dancer's performance, and reflects the increasing demands of today's Irish dancing.

The new jig shoe has a flexible black suede sole and has been constructed from smooth high grade leathers. The lining of the shoe has been finished in a beautiful red microfiber which allows the foot to breathe and looks extremely pleasing to the eye. The slightly shorter toe length also adds to the elegance of the shoe.

In line with Hullachan Pro's determination to maintain the health of a dancer's feet, we have also fitted our new Clever Insoles. These are made from a combination of materials new to Irish dance which protect and cushion your feet and joints - a real improvement over other jig shoe insoles currently available on the market. We have also incorporated a soft padded ankle to offer dancer's improved Achilles and blister protection. The padded heel has been designed so it does not stick into the Achilles and is just enough to make breaking in your new shoes pain free.

We have also added a completely new feature - cooling vents have been designed into the instep of the shoe to keep your feet cool when competiting or dancing for long periods. 

Another new feature is the narrower waist on the flexible black suede sole sole.  This allows the shoe to be tightened up more with the laces for a nice secure fit. We have also slightly widened the gap in the lacing area  to give dancer's more room to tighten the shoe before overlapping the front.

The Hullachan Pro jig shoe comes fitted with Concorde Lite heels (30% lighter than our standard Concorde heels) and Hullachan Pro tips. The lighter Concorde heel creates a more balanced shoe but with all the power and sound of Antonio Pacelli's  popular Concorde heel. The new Hullachan Pro tip represent the latest innovations in tip material so you will definitely get noticed on stage, we would say it is at least as loud as our Championship level Liberty tip - if not louder!

The front of the tips have been squared to create a large flat surface for easier toe stand and toe walks.

The reaction to the new Hullachan jig shoe at the Worlds was fantastic. If you had a friend attending then ask them if they saw them and see what they thought!

Order now to ensure you are one of the first to get a pair!