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Capezio Splitsole Jazz concorde Heels Reel Shoe

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Antonio Pacelli

Capezio Split Sole Reel Shoe

concorde heels

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concoOriginal text from Pacelli:

Capezio split sole jazz shoe with Concorde heels

Popular amongst advanced dancers for some time, as the split sole allows dancers to demonstrate a clear point and offers greater flexibilty.

The split sole is not recommended for very young dancers or beginners who are advised to consider the traditional boys reel shoe as it offers greater levels of support.

PLEASE NOTE THERE IS NO MANUFACTURER GUARANTEE ON THIS PRODUCT Antonio Pacelli is unable to offer any form of guarantee or refund on this product. This shoe has been adapted for Irish dancing and as such has not been designed with Irish dancing in mind. Consequently the leather upper is extremely soft and susceptible to tearing if heel are clicked incorrectly.

We will continue to meet the needs of our customers, but customers purchase at their own risk.

We would recommend these shoes are only worn by experienced dancers to reduce the chances of heel tear.